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Oh what a time we had:




Ashley and I arrived at the venue around 12:15 or so and literally sat around in 40 degree weather for 4 hours by ourselves (taking pictures, reading magazine, scoping the building, getting honked at and jumping of teeny ledges) it was the most freezing fun of life.






Around 4 or so a few girls start straggling up, one being a 15 year old who has seen Tyler 7 times in the last year (she came with her dad), two twins that showed up and when they found out it was going to be another 4 hours before doors opened decided to bail to go eat and then one girl from Jersey who went to the ATL show the night before and was planning on attending the Virginia show the very next night. Anyways we all got to talking and since Ashley and I had been standing in NO line since 12 we really had to pee and as determined as we were to not lose our spots we held it until we could hold it no more. So, being the nice guy he was, the 15 year olds dad peeked his head inside the venue (the door was open due to two previous construction workers coming out of it talking about measurements) and asked if we could use the restroom, which we did, it was the best opportunity to get a look at the stage and see exactly what we were up against once doors officially opened. Anyways, we stood around for another hour and a half talking about Tyler, One Tree Hill, and previous concert experiences with other bands and those HORRID fan girls no one ever wants to encounter. By this time the 15 year olds dad is going back and forth from his car to the line and when he returns around, oh the 10th time, he mentions seeing Jaco and Tyler unloading stuff from the van into the venue. No one gets really excited because A) we’re freezing our tooshies off and B) we were too glad that he finally decided to show. After about 30 minutes of more blabbering another young’s shows up but this one was with her mom, oh and Mr. Hilton decides to do sound check (HOT!) Let’s just say me and Ashley melted just hearing him through the great big metal doors. Moving on, we doidle around for a little longer and then the twins show up and right after them….dun dun dun…..Memphis and Knoxville are there. Now if any of you remember my recollections about my other two Tyler shows you know these two are INFAMOUS in my book because they screw us over royally all the time. Well low and behold, they worked his merch booth in both ATL and at the show last night…..I don’t wanna talk about it. Anyways, we waited and waited and waited and waited and waited some more until we’re all standing around debating about whether to order and pizza or not for warmth when Tyler rolls up in his dad’s blue minivan (with Bob driving) and the conversation goes:

Jen (girl from Jersey): there’s Tyler.

Tyler: Hey guys, what’s up? It’s kinda cold out here, huh?

Us: Yeah……

Jen: Tyler, order us a pizza!

Tyler: I would but I can’t, I gotta go home and get cleaned up.

Us: Oh….

Tyler: See ya’ll later tonight! ::goofy wave::

After he leaves we all kind of stand in silence and remark about how cool that was and how funny it was that we actually asked him to buy us a pizza. Then I proceed to make a voice post on my LJ. After that it’s just a lot of waiting and eating warm Domino’s pizza while listening to the opening acts rehearse and watching two skinny munchkins hang radio stations signs from everywhere but where they could actually reach. Oh and let’s not forget the jumping up and down in front of the doors where the motion lights were so we could keep them on and they could add warmth….


About an hour before doors opened (8PM) loads of teenies showed up. One wearing a miniskirt and Uggs when it’s like 30 degrees out. We nicknamed her Boots (hehe). Okay so finally doors open and we get our hands stamped and marked (being under 21 sucks) and we make our way right up front in front of the mic. The first opening act doesn’t come on until 9 so we basically wait some more while two bitches keep kicking me in the ass (literally). Ashley kept saying I should say something to them but I was like ‘Hell no, I’m not getting into a bitch fight with those two at a damn Tyler Hilton show!’ So, I being the bigger person than those two hookers ignored them for a while and then tried to be as nice as possible with my fake smile while they babbled about all their times meeting Tyler and how they get ‘drunk’ with him all the time. HA! Moving on, the first opening act was Sam Fisher. He’s pretty good. Very emo and very sex-oriented. We’ll leave it at that. Next came a guy called Reyen something. He was like a heavy metal dude that played acoustic guitar and had a saxophone player too. Anyways, throughout the night (before Tyler) we kept hearing a big group of what sounded like frat boys (which is what it turned out to be) chant his name over and over.




Anyways, a long story short he was like a typical southern guy, all he sang about was getting drunk, hooking up, yagerbombs and how there was ‘Too much rock for one hand.’ While the drunks made there way up between me and Ashley (one wouldn’t stop talking my face off) and screamed and yelled like a bunch of 12 year olds at an NSYNC concert. During the 15 minutes interlude between Rayen and Tyler we get word that Lee is in the house. None of us actually see him until the end but, that comes later, my friends. Anyways, finally Tyler decides to drag his fine ass to the stage (with Jaco in tow of course). Anyways, he comes on stage, introduces himself and just rocks out as usual.










 He plays 6 songs from ‘Tracks of…’ and then 7 new ones. A few he gave us back stories too which were ‘Missing You’ which was produced by Butch Walker, a song about a close girl-friend joking that since he wasn’t that spiritual she’d lend him her angels (Joie?), a song about a young girl he knew that wanted to be a singer so she picked up and moved to Nashville and then there was a funny one about him reminiscing about his high school days. Ashley and I had a total blast. We got some great pics and Tyler even bent down to my level with a big goofy ‘Tyler’ smile for me to get a picture of but before I could snap it he had already stood up so I have like blurry, goody, standing up Tyler pic.



There was also the tossing of a black bra attached to a name and number that he barely handled before he passed it off to Jaco (who BTW gets all the tooshie I presume).



He finished the set with ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ and then said he’d be back at the merch booth signing stuff. Well, if any of you recall the last acoustic show Ash and I went too we tried our damndest to get that set list but were jipped when a mother of a trillion 12 year olds got it for one of them for her birthday so me and Ashley were set on getting this one, until a huge girl from the side of the stage jumps across the stage and gets it….SONOFABITCH!



Well, no one else noticed that when Tyler left the stage, he tossed down his pick, just a few feet away from his baby (guitar) so, I grabbed it. When we headed to get towards the end of the line we saw Lee coming down the stairs from the balcony. No one else really noticed it was him until we all started taking pics with him and then he got bombarded, I felt kind of bad. Anyways, he was drunk but I don’t hold it against him, he’s over 21 and was at a bar listening to good music, I’d drink too. He kept commenting on how cool people’s cameras were, ESP Ashley’s! Oh and let’s not forget his rocker!wear. I never thought I’d see the day that Lee wore a half buttoned up shirt with a leather jacket and a big silver chain with a cross. But yeah. Firm handshake too, BTW. Excuse the mess, I wasn't prepared!



Anyways, we head back to the end of the line (if we’re at the end, we have a better chance of prime!Tyler time) so while Ashley holds our stuff I go to the bathroom before I piss my self but…this just isn’t any ordinary trip, oh no. Guess who is standing right outside the bathroom door when I walk out…oh yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s Tyler Hilton in all his fine glory. Let’s just say it was an awkward moment and I ducked back to my place at the end of the line pronto! We waited for a good 20 minutes (chasing down Jaco for a pic, which we never received) before we reached the booth. When I got up there the first words out of my mouth were ‘I took your pick’ which then Tyler proceeds to pluck it from my fingers and says ‘Oh, cool!’ and then he signs it, asks my name (because even though it’s me and Ashley’s third time, it’s been 8 months since we last saw him, so I don’t hold it against him that he forgot, the poor baby signed everyone’s stuff with 12-12-05 when it was indeed the 13 ::pets Tyler:: ) Well after ‘those girls,’ as Tyler has come to call us form earlier that evening outside, all get autographs we all hang around and take pictures with each other because we’re waiting on our special Tyler!time, Tyler!time for pictures!!!! Anyways we’re the last group of girls to get pics. Ashley ends up getting both a serious pic and a goofy pic with him (he puts on her HUUUGE granny sunglasses) and I settle for a pic of our legs and feet (Ashley didn’t have the buttons down on my camera yet) and a measly pic of him and I (I take that back, I cherish this pic with my life, it’s so much better than my last one with him).




Before he turns in for the night Ashley and I decide (through my raising of the hand like I'm a girl in class) that we want a group picture of me and her and Tyler together since it was Tyler himself that brought us together this past February for the first time ever. We did bring that up and he was mighty proud of himself if I do say so myself. Anyways, when I go to stand next to him I was like ‘I want a silly picture too so think of something silly to do’ and he replies with ‘I don’t know anything silly, I’m not that creative’ LOL. Well we get a picture with both Ashley’s camera and mine (hers turned out better because Tyler was unprepared for mine, that and he was too busy tapping on our shoulders) and we part ways.



It was quite a thrilling and adventurous night if I do say so myself and Ashley and I along with the other ‘those’ girls have decided we will most definitely do it again….and again. Check my recent voice post to get my initial after!concert reaction! Oh, and I'll update with a few prime photos of Ashley's batch whenever she gets them posted!

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