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Mr. Tyler Hilton

Picture Perfection

Picture Perfection
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[+] Feel free to make an introduction post to introduce yourself to fellow Tyler fans.

[+] No spam posts. If you want to share pictures please post them behind a cut and state whether or not there are many pics, some people have a hard time loading lots of images at once.

[+] Be respectful. This is a place to love on Mr. Hilton, not to hate him or his fans. Feel free to express your opinions loud & proud, but also keep other's feelings in consideration.

[+] Please don't take things without asking (this means graphics, photographs, mp3s, videos, etc) unless it's stated that the maker/sharer of the item in question does not request credit. We are all happy to share our Tyler goodies, but we would all like a little credit somewhere along the line. It's just polite and it only takes a second to say please!

[+] No promoting UNLESS it's related to Tyler. Feel free to promote any Tyler or One Tree Hill communities or sites related to such but otherwise, please save it for somewhere else.

[+] Check the memories for helpful information if you can't find the answer to your questions in the most recent community posts.

[+] Breaking these rules will result in banning. We want to keep a safe and peaceful haven for Tyler fans and if you can't help us do that, then we'd be happy to help you pack.

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